Monday, December 13, 2010

New Year's Eve Grip Day @ Thunderhill - Go Hard or Go Home!

Just announced. BT will be hosting a grip track day on 12.31.10. Come out and end your last day of the year with a blast down the T-hill straight! Limited signup for maximum track time so signup ASAP.

This will be a self tech'd, laid back test and tune day. Gates open at 7am, mandatory driver meeting at 8pm, and out by 5pm.

Track is HOT at 9am! We will have three 20 min sessions:
*Group 1 - for advanced, SCCA or NASA racers
*Group 2 - for intermediate 5+ track days
*Group 3 - for novice 2+ track days (for those interested who have less than 2 days track experience, please contact us at for more information).
*Skidpad also available
*Photography available by Jeremy Forbes  - $20 per CD per car of Hi Res photos.

Please send $160 per car by check or $165 for Paypal to
Co-drivers $10

List Your Name/Car/Group

Send check payable to:
Blacktrax Performance
1819 Houret Ct.
Milpitas, CA 95035

Youre welcome to stop by the shop to register as well. Additional inquires or photographers please contact for details.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BlackTrax + KleenSpeed + UCDavis

Jei hits me up with word that something pretty sick is going down at the shop. I show up to a stock looking miata on the dyno. For reals? I expected something a bit more crazy. Then I gave it a much needed double take. I notice the Kleenspeed Technologies logo and a crew of UCDavis students. I quickly realized there was more to this picture.

Hello 100% Electric Conversion with a 5Speed!

Students from UCDavis + Kleenspeed Technologies + BlackTrax Performance worked hand in hand to capture priceless dyno data. This was the first time that the UCD students had access to raw data of this type. From my outsiders perspective it seems that they gained exactly what they were looking for. I cant disclose exact figures but for what its worth I was highly impressed!  -JForbes

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

FD Irwindale Flick

Just ran into this sick video which really captures what it feels like when you're standing next to barriers when watching these cars fly past!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fatlace Mark Arcenal's S14

Check out this vid from Kenny Chow. We were dynotuning unti the weee hours last night to dial this Mark's S14. It'll be on out the track near you very soon!

Monday, September 20, 2010

BlackTrax Tuned Cars Takes 1-2 Victory at Miller for HC Nationals

A big congratulations to THREEPEAT winner Graham Downey for bringing home the win at Nationals for the 3rd time in a row. Also a huge congrats to Brandon Kraus for taking his new Prelude to the #2 spot. It goes to show that if built properly, an H series motor can still run with the best in H1. Of course the win, like last year was without drama, but as of yesterday IT IS OFFICIAL, Downey and Kraus for the 1-2 finish for H1 Nationals!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Formula Drift Sonoma Qualifying Results

Who's THIS guy? Congrats to Matt Field for barely squeezing into the Top 32 tonight, making this two Top 32 consecutive events. 1st round Matt's paired up vs. NOS Energy's Chris Forsberg. Best of luck tomorrow!

Here are the results from today's qualifying:
1. Tyler McQuarrie
2. Chris Forsberg
3. Kyle Mohan
4. Ryan Tuerck
5. Daijiro Yoshihara
6. Fredric Aasbo
7. Alex Pfeiffer
8. Ross Petty
9. Samuel Hubinette
10. Stephan Verdier
11. Conrad Grunewald
12. Michihiro Takatori
13. Justin Pawlak
14. Vaughn Gittin
15. Joon Maeng
16. Patrick Mordaunt
17. Tanner Foust
18. Taka Aono
19. Ken Gushi
20. Darren McNamara
21. Bill Sherman
22. Ryuji Miki
23. James Dean
24. Tony Brakohiapa
25. Rhys Millen
26. Matt Powers
27. Nikolay Konstantinov
28. “Mad” Mike Whiddet
29. Jeff Jones
30. Dean Kearney
31. Matt Field
32. Dennis Mertzanis

Formula Drift Live Feed

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Taste of the Pro's! Matt Field Makes Top 32 @ FormulaD Vegas

Congrats to Matt Field for making it into the Top 32. His car received some new upgrades to the roll cage, alignment settings, engine upgrades and more BlackTrax dynotuning. Making another 60+hp over his last setup at Seattle, the "big wing" S13 initiated and held the drift with ease at Vegas. This was the first time the rookie had a taste of drifting against the pro's. Unfortunately, his spotlight was cut short during the first round vs. Darren McNamara. Regardless, not too shabby for making top 32 by his 2nd event! Look forward to seeing Matt Field represent the Bay at Round 6 "Point of Impact" @ Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, Sept 10-11. Also check out this sweet vid created by Shawn Browne.

Here were the qualification stats:

No. Driver: Speed 1: Speed 2: Score:
1 Sam Hubinette 80 35.7 93.5
2 Kyle Mohan 77.1 35.6 91.2
3 Conrad Grunewald 84.4 34.4 89.4
4 Chris Forsberg 78.6 34.1 88.9
5 Vaughn Gittin Jr. 78.8 33.8 88.2
6 Tyler McQuarrie 81.1 36.4 87.1
7 Michihiro Takatori 80.1 32.4 86.3
8 Dai Yoshihara 77 33.1 86.2
9 Mad Mike Whiddet 81.1 33.7 86
10 Justin Pawlak 79.6 30.7 83.8
11 Darren McNamara 79.2 35.1 82.6
12 Ryan Tuerck 75 35.5 81.1
13 Charles Ng 73.1 34.1 80.9
14 Joon Maeng 79.6 35 79.8
15 Ryuji Miki 80.3 40.9 79
16 Tanner Foust 81.9 28.9 77.4
17 Eric O’Sullivan 80.4 34.3 75.9
18 Alex Pfeiffer 74 33 75.6
19 Jeff Jones 73.3 36.4 74.5
20 Fredric Aasbo 74.8 32.2 73.2
21 Ross Petty 70.6 32 72.7
22 Matt Field 76.5 31.8 72.2
23 Matt Powers 78.6 34.4 71.6
24 James Deane 77.9 37.1 71.3
25 Taka Aono 78.1 30.8 69.7
26 Tony Brakohiapa 71.5 31.9 68.6
27 Michael Essa 78.8 27 68.3
28 Brian Wilkerson 78.3 33.1 67.3
29 Rhys Millen 68.4 36.2 67.1
30 Patrick Mordaunt 69.9 36.2 65
31 Nicoli Konstantinov 72.8 33 63.7
32 Jeff Abbott 74.9 30.1 59.6

Sunday, July 18, 2010

In Awe & Inspired

This video really caught my attention as it reveals such passion for cars and in this case an NSX. We're glad to be apart of today's car culture.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Owen's S2000 Track Car

You may have seen this car at some of the NorCal NASA events, S2000 Challenge or Redline Time Attacks. Owen Guo from Ren Motorsports and driver of this AP1 recently swapped in the larger 2.2L engine for 2010 season. We had the opportunity to tune his car using AEM EMS, extracting 230 whp out of the stock F22C. Good luck this season Owen!

Check out his recent feature on the The Octane Report.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BlackTrax the Matt Field Project

Last season Matt Field earned his Formula Drift license. We recently tuned his SR20DET in preps for FormulaD @ Evergreen Speedway, WA., July 9th & 10th. Keep an eye out for this rookie America cause he's got talent :P

Friday, May 14, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HC @ THill - What a Weekend, What a Race....Tell me about it!

This weekend, it was our own Mark Dowey's first H2 Honda Challenge race. It was also the first time we revealed our new EG 2.0. Using the input and feedback from the Redstone Motorsport drivers: Liam, Graham and Mark, we built a new and improved EG. This couldn't have been possible with the help of a few key players: Tony @ TC Design, Aki @ BlackTrax and Mark, Graham, Liam, Brent and much more. We'll be posting up pictures soon. In the meantime check out Mark's in car on Sunday piloting the Redstone EG 1.0, Liam Downey's H2 car. Sunday podium finishers was Mike Lock, Graham Downey and Mark Downey 1-2-3.

Monday, April 26, 2010 Alignment, Dyno & Dent Day @ Auto Innovations

Bay Area members organized an event for S2000 enthusiasts to get their cars aligned, dyno'd and dent repaired all in one location @ Auto Innovations in Milpitas. BlackTrax Performance provided the dyno service and West Costs Dents provided dent repair service. Good food, great cars, great people. Thanks to Auto Innovations and for hosting and organizing the event. 

Pictures courtesy of Arlin Wong Photography

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Matt Field's Blacktrax Sponsored Nissan 240sx at Formula Drift LB

Recently went to Formula Drift Round One situated on the streets of Long Beach. While walking around and smelling the tire smoke, I stumbled upon the car show section hosted by Fatlace, there it was Matt Field's car parked at the AutoFashion/Fatlace booth. You might have seen this car before at the Hella Flush III event as he was parked out infront. Well turns out, Matt's going to be running in the Formula D season this year along with his grassroots events. If you see him at the upcoming Formula Drift events, tell him what's up !

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jei's Kraftwerks Powered S2000 @ S2K Challenge, Buttonwillow CW13

The inspiration behind building this S2000 was from Sport Compact Car Magazine's Ultimate Street Car Challenge. We participated in the challenge in 2007 with Aki's LS1 powered 300ZX. The goal was to build a full interior street car that could do a respectable lap time at any local track. Besides the wing and splitter, the car drives on the street as you see it here.

This was our very first race event in the S2000. The car was having oversteering issues all day. The wind and dust didn't help the track either. We spent all day changing rear tire pressures, shock settings, aero and toe but were still limited on traction. Best official lap time was 2:00.8sec taking 1st in Unlimited and 3rd best lap time overall for the day. Check out the in-car footage.

BlackTrax Kraftwerks Supercharged S2000 @ Buttonwillow CW13 from Jei Chang on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rob's S2000

Rob Burch came up from Bakersfield last night to iron out some cooling issues and to corner balance and dynotune his F20C powered S2000. This car is setup for Time Attack and S2K Challenge. We were very impressed with the results. The stock F20C with intake and exhaust netted 221hp 152tq which was 10+ more than his baselines, tuned with an Apex-i AFCII. The VAFC is of of the best dollar per horsepower upgrades for the S2000. Check him out, he'll be at Buttonwillow this weekend for S2K Challenge. Good luck Rob!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Graham Downey runs H2 Class @ Infineon Raceway

Congrats to Graham and his H2 win at Infineon Raceway. Here's some good in car of Graham Downey driving Liam Downey's H2 Civic. Great battle between him and Mike Lock in the black 4th gen Prelude.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Detailed by an Addict

After a few track days the S2k started to look pretty rough around the edges. This car has seen more miles on the track and going to the track than all the daily driving miles added up. Thanks to Leo from Detail Addict for polishing up the car. The end results were AMAZING! One thing Jei forgot to mention was to have them hold back on the tire shine.....not so good for the Toyo R888's :) For more on the step by step detail procedure of Jei's S2k, visit there site at

Saturday, March 20, 2010

H-Series Shakedown @ Infineon Raceway

Brandon Kraus attended the Honda Challenge season opener to further dial in his 4th gen Prelude. The H22 motor built by BlackTrax was designed to compete with the K-series. Needless to say this H1 spec 240hp motor is hanging with the best of them out there. Things Brandon changed to improve handling included upping the spring rates to 1100 lbs front and 1600 lbs rear, new speedway sway bar settings, new alignment specs and the addition of a front splitter. "The car handled much better than the first shakedown at the end of the season last year."  It was unfortunate the day had to end early because of a RF axle popping out. Brandon used his back up axle but it also popped out. The car was brought back to Roger Kraus Racing for disassembly. Jei from BlackTrax found a loose bearing in the intermediate shaft which may have contributed to the axle popping out from the other end. During disassembly, they found broken 1-2 synchro sleeve that will also need replacement. This guy keeps driving hard even when the clutch hydraulics go out. Stay tuned as BlackTrax upgrades the transmission and hits the track again. Hopefully it'll take a bit more abuse Brandon gives it :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hella Flush ThreePointFive

We attended another track day over the weekend, this time it was the Team Drift Championship presented by Fatlace. We came down to Buttonwillow Raceway Sunday morning with hopes of no rain throughout the day. Luckily, the weather was good with short little drops of rain, but no big showers, considering the 50% chance of rain according to the weather site.

In this photo are Jei and Andrew Gillis from Gillis Motorsports battling it out behind the M3 which was past the next corner by both of them.

Jei and Natalie were out racing their cars in the Advanced group having a great time.. a little track time for the weekend is always a plus. Jei in the S2000 and Natalie in her STi.

It was great to see Mike out in his 510, he was having a great day out there and Ham(his dog) was his pit crew.. how cute.

I think Jei should've had a "Slow traffic move to the right" on his windshield because he was sure passing a lot of cars out on track with his Kraftwerks Supercharger working flawlessly all day long!

Hella Flush 3.5 was as strong as ever considering how far the track is for most people.. Always good to catch up with old friends!

Three car tandem was an exciting to watch as all of them were "go hard or go home" for the $1000 first place!

Calvin Wan brought out his Personal FD for some fun, he had Phillip from 360vm out filming, could a new video be in the works? Probably...

It was a joy watching the Hella Flush competition bring some heat as they made their laps around the track.

To see all of Tom's photos click here!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

HellaFlush 3.5 @ Buttonwillow

It was a day of drifting, gripping and showing all in one. The rain stayed away keeping the track dry for the entire day.. Follow us on our Facebook page for some quick pic uploads. More to come

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Import Tuner April 2010 Issue - HF III @ BlackTrax

Still one of the best gatherings we've had in a while. Thanks to Fatlace x HellaFlush, Import Tuner, the photographers, and of course all you people who continue to support the NorCal scene. See you at HF 3.5 Buttonwillow this Sunday!

Monday, January 4, 2010

HELLO 2010!

I can't believe that its already 2010! Where did the last 8 years go? It's crazy to think back on the last 8 years we've been around and all the crazy things we've done, places we've been to and great friends we've made along the way.

I wanted to take a look back at a FEW of them wonderful times through the last 8 years. Stay Tuned for more as I dig them out of our archives!

photos by Natalie Bressem

1. Hiro Fujita and the awesome Hondata tuned AE86. We used this picture for an advertisement before the movie @ Century Theaters... yes it was for F&F Tokyo Drift!

2. Our first trip D1GP. An awesome experience for any team to be a part of.

3.24 Hours of LeMONS Round2.
heres an example of the dedication we have when racing, while I was on the track @ night, the motor gave out, and suffering from blows (LeMons was kind of real life bumper cars back then) that both Brent and Liam achieved earlier, we towed the car back to the shop and did a motor swap only to find out the headgasket was bad, drove to Gilroy got another motor then got back to the track just in time for drivers meeting!
Stay tuned for more pics!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Jay Pizzaro's LS1 Swapped Lexus Featured in Modified

Congrat's to Jay Pizarro and his cover feature in Modified Magazine this month. Details of the feature found HERE