Saturday, March 20, 2010

H-Series Shakedown @ Infineon Raceway

Brandon Kraus attended the Honda Challenge season opener to further dial in his 4th gen Prelude. The H22 motor built by BlackTrax was designed to compete with the K-series. Needless to say this H1 spec 240hp motor is hanging with the best of them out there. Things Brandon changed to improve handling included upping the spring rates to 1100 lbs front and 1600 lbs rear, new speedway sway bar settings, new alignment specs and the addition of a front splitter. "The car handled much better than the first shakedown at the end of the season last year."  It was unfortunate the day had to end early because of a RF axle popping out. Brandon used his back up axle but it also popped out. The car was brought back to Roger Kraus Racing for disassembly. Jei from BlackTrax found a loose bearing in the intermediate shaft which may have contributed to the axle popping out from the other end. During disassembly, they found broken 1-2 synchro sleeve that will also need replacement. This guy keeps driving hard even when the clutch hydraulics go out. Stay tuned as BlackTrax upgrades the transmission and hits the track again. Hopefully it'll take a bit more abuse Brandon gives it :)

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