Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Redstone Motorsport @ Time Attack Buttonwillow

Mark, Liam and Graham spent Saturday setting up the Liam's EG hatch. This was their first trial test with the Toyo R888 tires. Running a stock Type R engine they ran a 2:01.0 lap time in the Unlimited FWD class and placed 2nd overall. Congrats to the Downeys!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Radix Motorsports Wins at 2009 San Diego National Tour

Written by: Jaime Mendoza

Starter problems when unloading the car from the trailer in San Diego started to give the feeling of a bad weekend, but all was fixed that afternoon with a replacement starter and the results could not have been better, even though we missed the opportunity to test and tune.

In a field of 13 cars I was able to lock in 1st place win for the San Diego National Tour with a 0.5 second lead and 2.5 second difference between 2nd and 3rd place. Our first big event of the season with only 4 previous events in the CRX and 1 with the new TOYO R1R tires.

The weather was not on our side with an overcast day on Saturday and a wet course for the 1st run of 3 on Sunday. Blacktrax Performance did a great job to fine tune the ECU on the previous Wednesday to give us a smoking gun up the hill of Qualcomm Stadium.

For the Regional Events, we are now in 1st place in points for the San Francisco Region Championship with over 10 events left in the season.

This is becoming a very exciting season for us, and look forward to the competition along the way until the National Championship in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Read about the ST and STS class wins:

Upcoming events are:

-SF region Championship Event Round 6 - April 17th
-42nd Annual Duel At DeAnza - May 17th
*We are preparing the Integra Type R for the 09 Hoopa Hillclimb in July

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Jaime Mendoza