Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Countdown to Global Time Attack Super Lap Battle
Back in April, we showed you a picture of 2Buck with no engine. "S2BuckChuck" is what we named this car because the sum of it parts are used and donated by members of the S2KI.com community, our racing friends and our valued customers. Last year at Super Lap Battle, we surprised ourselves when Graham Downey and 2Buck put down a respectable lap time of 1:48.118 at Buttonwillow Raceway Configuration Clockwise 13. Well we're back and we're looking to beat the fastest Honda S2000 record of 1:46.893 set by driver, Tyler McQuarrie in the C-West/BC S2000 in 2008. We asked for you to send comments and suggestions for rebuild and surprisingly we received more than we anticipated. So this means some of you are actually reading this! OK, people want to know, what are we bringing to the gun fight this year? We thought we tell you all before the event rather than after, so here are our setup changes for 2015!

Driver: Graham Downey
Racing Class: Unlimited RWD
Chassis: AP1 S2000 aka  "S2BuckChuck
"Engine: F22C Supercharged
EMS: Hondata K-Pro Engine Management
Weight: 2707 Lbs wet with driver
Power: 397 Max Horsepower
  • 2.0 Liter F20C engine has been replaced with an OEM rebuild 2.2L F22c, Stock cylinder head with Supertech Performance valve, springs and retainers
  • Modified larger volume OEM intake plenum 
  • We lightened and tubed up the radiator support location to accept a v-mount 
  • Sheet metal work was added to help duct air and aid downforce
  • We checked and re-qualified the complete Kingpin Machine spherical suspension 
  • Stoptech ST40 Calipers, Carbotech Pads were installed (yeah, we were on OEM calipers when we ran the 1:48.118!!)
  • AEM Electronics Water/Meth Injection Kit to keep the charge temps down
  • Accusump oiling system
  • 18x10.5" Jongbloed Series 700 wheels wrapped in 275 Hankook C91's
  • Extended front fenders and rear overfenders
  • Cut the rear bumper and made a new diffuser
  • Re-route exhaust from rear center exit to rear side exit
  • More "Go Fast" stickers


Irene Your Too Damn Clean!

# IreneV1?   # IreneV2?   # IreneWe'veLostCount!

Year 2015 has not been hiccup free for Irene. With a new stroker 2.5L, driver Tom Tang was able to beat his personal best at Thunderhill Raceway and by taking advantage of his AiM Sports MXL2 data, driver Graham Downey was able to set a benchmark lap times at 1:53's for Tom to work at. By the end of the day Tom and shaved over another second off his lap time. With as much power and as much fun the 2.5L was, it didn't last long as we sustained rod failure and sent the #1 piston flying out of the block. 

With 3.5 weeks left before Global Time Attack's Super Lap Battle, Tom Tang and his team devised the most feasible plan to get him back on track and on time. Stock engine + Boost! Big thanks to CT Engineering for coming through for us on a compressor and brackets. We fabbed up our own piping and air to air intercooler, tuned Irene back up on the dyno all with one week to spare! Not only will tomorrow be Tom's first shakedown since the upgrade, it will also be his first time racing Super Lap Battle in a supercharged form! With our assistance, we're confident Tom Tang will do well and we'll make sure Irene get's dirty while we're at it!

Driver: Tom Tang
Racing Class: Unlimited RWD
Chassis: AP2 S2000 aka  "Irene"
Engine: F22C Supercharged
EMS: Hondata K-Pro Engine Management
Weight: 2770 Lbs wet with driver
Power: 370 Max Horsepower
  • AiM Sports MXL2 DAQ
  • 2.5 Liter engine has been replaced with an OEM 2.2L F22c, Stock cylinder head with Supertech Performance valve, springs and retainers
  • CT-Engineering Supercharger
  • JRZ 1231 3-way Shocks on Eibach Springs
  • Evasive EVS high capacity differential cover. Diff oil pump and cooler assembly. 
  • Stoptech Trophy Kit replaces Stoptech ST40 Calipers
  • K1 Laboratory Spoiler
  • 275 Hankook C51's to C91's
  • BlackTrax custom front mount intercooler
  • Custom carbon front splitter by Dauntless Racing for more downforce
  • Re-route exhaust from stock location to rear side exit
  • More "Go Fast" stickers

If you'd like to follow our progress tomorrow and Thursday, please stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages. Also visit http://racecast.me/45-masonry/196-2015-nov-gta-slb for the latest schedule and perhaps some live in car feeds as well. Wish us luck and wishing you all the best!

Best Regards,
The BlackTrax Family