Wednesday, June 17, 2009

JP Martinez S2000 Featured in Honda Tuning June 09 Issue

Congratulation's to JP for building such a beautiful ride and getting it featured on Honda Tuning Magazine June 09 issue. A mix of JDM rarity and creative touches really made this car a showpiece winner. Shane Sampson, member of the BlackTrax Fam did the custom paintwork on the valve cover which made it pop with the help of the Password JDM Carbon/Kevlar intake. For more pictures visit:

JP thanks all those who were involved in the build:

  • Sherry Hernando

  • Joaquin Leveriza

  • Jon “Judy” Martinez

  • Rob Thill, Zach Wong & crew

  • Neil Martinez

  • Vince Martinez

  • Rodney Asistin

  • Yves Cuyugan

  • Vu Barnes

  • Anish Ramrakhyani

  • Jake Timoteo “Soapy Jake Approved”

  • Jeff Wu

  • Joey Kwan for the late night installs

  • All my Bay Area S2Ki peeps for the help, insight, support & drive to keep going!

  • Jei & Natalie Chang of Blacktrax Performance

  • Shane Sampson – awesome valve cover work!

  • Erik @ Multi-Craft Auto Body, Burlingame

  • Collin & Adam @ Weksos Industries

  • Tommy @

  • Steve @ Password JDM

Monday, June 1, 2009

BT Time Attack Results 1:31.645 @ WSIR - Modified Class

Great results this weekend at the Redline Time Attack at Willow Springs International Raceway. It was our first shakedown since a new motor change and additional Wicked Tuning protoype suspension for the Z32 300ZX chassis. The initial plan at the beginning of the year was to pull the LS1 out in favor for an LQ9. Unfortunatly, the LQ9 we purchased had a bad cam bearing which took us out of that event. To make it to this event, Aki opted for the LM4 engine which is a smaller displacement engine at 5.4L. The lower displacement engine has other positive characteristics such as larger ports and a lighter rotating assembly. Combining this with a bigger cam we were able to rev this motor to 7k rpms which was helpful at the high speed track.

Items changed since the Ulitmate Street Car Challenge 2007:
-Weight reduction from 3400 down to 3000lbs wet with 190lb driver and 5 gal gas.
-Spherical bushing lower arms
-Carbotech xp 12 brakes
-LM4 engine tuned and raced on 91 pump gas making 350whp
-removed high flow cats (used for USCC 2007)
-APR GTC 300 Wing

The tires used this weekend were the same Khumo V700 Victoracers that were used almost wasted during the Gross Display of Horsepower challenge 2 years ago. There was some tread left so Aki opted to finish these tires at this event. With Graham Downey piloting the car, the shakedown practice laps were averaging 1:33-1:34. Ajustments made on the wing as well as tire pressures dropped Grahams lap times to a very best of 1:30 but unfortunately that was during practice. Best Time Attack Lap was 1:31.645 which resulted in 4th overall in Modified. This lap was done with a blown left rear shock and worn tires. Some of the cars we raced against should be competing in Unlimited. We'll keep sticking by the rules and shave our times. There's more glory in that :0)~

Big thanks to Graham Downey from Redstone Motorsport, and to our Sponsors:
Tire Rack
Golden Apple - Nex Suspension
Wicked Tuning
Carbotech Brakes
Redstone Motors

Keep your eyes peeled for more BlackTrax & Redstone racing. We're ready to make waves.