Tuesday, September 18, 2012

BlackTrax Test & Tune #5 @ Thunderhill - Sign-up Here

BlackTrax will be hosting Test and Tune #5, a grip track day experience on Sunday, November 18th at Thunderhill Raceway, Bypass Configuration. Limited sign-up for maximum track time so sign-up ASAP.

This will be a self tech'd, laid back test and tune day. Car numbers, DOT approved helmets and one tow hook is MANDATORY. Rain or Shine.

  • 7am Gates Open
  • 8am Mandatory Driver Meeting
  • 9am Track is HOT!
  • 12-1pm Lunch Break
  • Track Closes 5pm

3 Run Groups Rotating at 20 Min. Each Throughout the Day

  • GROUP 1 - for advanced, SCCA or NASA racers CLOSED
  • GROUP 2 - for intermediate 5+ track days CLOSED
  • GROUP 3 - for novice 2+ track days CLOSED

Photos of Past Events:
Thunderhill 2012
Buttonwillow 2011
Thunderhill 2010

Additional inquires or photographers please contact blacktrax@blacktrax.net for details.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BlackTrax Performance Logo Design Contest

Celebrating 10 years in the making, BlackTrax Performance is kicking off  the Logo Design Contest 2012. We're looking for creative designers to come up with new logo designs for our business. We'll also post our favorites on our Facebook page to get fan feedback. You will have one month to let your creative juices flow and submit what may be the next BlackTrax Performance logo. Winner will receive $500 CASH PRIZE as well as one year's worth of BT swag. Anytime we make stickers, t-shirts, hats, lanyards etc, we'll send you one for the rest of the 2012 year! Like our FB page to stay updated on the new designs! Please submit all logos to: contest@blacktrax.net Deadline to submit your designs is June 7th 2012.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Words from Matt Field - FD Road Atlanta Recap

Matt Field had one hell of a weekend at Formula Drive Round 2 Road Atlanta. Those who didn't see the crash at Round 1 Long Beach, you can find the video here. We knew going  in that keeping up with Dai Yoshihara was going to be a challenge for us. Matt laid everything on the line but unfortunately a rear tap against the K-rail sent the car straight into the tire wall. With the help of Lutz Performance, the guys towed the car to Florida for storage and repair. We couldn't say Round 2 wasn't just as challenging. Given the gremlins that presented itself, Matt exemplified unprecedented skill and commitment. We look forward to Round 3! 

After Matt finished up with all his classes, he and his team headed out to Lutz Performance to start the rebuild process. Here are a few words from Mr. Field.

"With all the carnage to fix after Long Beach the crew and I flew out a week early to Tampa Florida. This is home to Lutz Performance.  These guys were nice enough to let me fix my car at their shop while on the east coast.  There was a lot of work to do to the car after round 1. The whole rear end needed to be cut off and re-worked, the front suspension, as well as lots of body work had to be done. No fun. "

Long Beach Interview:

"This was the first event that I wasn’t so nervous that I couldn’t even eat. I was calm, collected and relaxed. Just the mindset I needed to do well. As we did driver’s introductions and our crowd-pleasing doughnuts and burnouts I couldn’t help but think how great it is to be out here in front of so many drift-crazy fans. But now, It was time for battle. I was the first pair scheduled to battle in top 16." 

"Now, at this time my slave cylinder had basically taken a full shit on me. After the driver’s introductions I actually had to shut my car off, put it in reverse, and start it as it rolled backwards. My clutch pedal was basically non-existent. As I pulled up to the line, and gave my thumbs up to signify that I was ready, I put my car in gear with my foot completely down on the clutch, and the car shut off….I waved my hands and told the starter to wait! I started my car up, knowing what I was going to have to do. As the lights began to light up on the starting stand I slammed my car into gear at the last minuet. My car stumbled and bogged and finally got up and went. I had to drive my car with no clutch, even start my car with no clutch. As I followed Mike Essa into the first corner, holding my shifter into 4th gear so it wouldn’t pop out, I initiated. After initiation my transmission pops out of 4th and I slam it into 3rd, trying to stick with Essas’s extremely fast BMW. My follow run turned out as best as I could with no clutch and a screwed up transmission. I turned the car around to stage for my lead run. As the lights went out “BAM!” I slammed my car into gear with no clutch and went. I initiate and try to run away from Essa as fast as possible. My lead run was one of my best runs all day, with a small mistake at the end of the track I waited for the judges results. My spotter tells me in my ear that we are going one more time and I just pray that my car will make it." 

"We line up one more time and I slam my car into gear as the chase starts. I had a huge error coming into the horseshoe this time. With no clutch, I grabbed the E break to slow down entering the horseshoe this shut off my car completely. During pervious runs the car was doing the same thing but I was able to reach for the start button and start my car up without loosing drift, but this time was different. With the huge mistake I rolled back up the hill for my lead run of the one more time battle. I went to turn around to line up and the car decided it didn’t want anymore. I wasn’t sure what was happening and I almost hit the wall because I couldn’t get my car out of gear. As my mechanic poked his head under the front fenders he gave me the sign that we were done. The knuckle ended up breaking and that was that. I had a great time in Atlanta and it was a huge disappointment for me. I felt I had a real chance to do well here and it just didn’t happen. I am looking forward for round 3."

HI MOM, happy mothers day!!! 

I would like to say thanks to: CXRacing, Blacktrax Performance, Parts Shop Max, Maxxis Tire, Rotiform, Lutz Performance, Sokodu Designs, AEM, Vex Motorsports, Swift Springs, Endless Racing, VIS Racing, OMG Drift, Daft Innovations, ACT, Fatlace, K&N Filters, Aermotive, TunerPlayground, and Grip Royal.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Test and Tune #4 Thunderhill Raceway 3.4.12

The 2012 season is off to a great start! Our Test and Tune events have been building some serious steam over the last few years and this one marks the largest turnout yet! Round #4 brought us to Thunderhill Raceway located in Willows, CA. With over three thousand shots to organize/edit I owe my coffee maker a vacation. Thanks for your patience while I've processed your collections, your download links are being sent out now.

To those of you that didn't sign up it's not too late to get your shots! Please contact me for more info. jeremy@blacktrax.net

Our next Test and Tune at Thunderhill Raceway falls on November 18th, clear your calendars and we'll see you there!


  Forbes Photographics

Thursday, March 8, 2012

BlackTrax Test & Tune #4 [Photo Update]

What an amazing weekend at the track! I've been cranking hard sorting/processing your photos ever since I got in on Sunday. I made sure to shoot every session of the day and ended up with over 3k shots! While I continue to keep racing through these, here's a few teasers to keep you antsy for yours. At the rate I'm going it's looking like I'll be done by Monday, lots of work ahead but I promise the wait will be well worth it. Make sure to keep tabs on your email, any questions please hit me up. jeremy@blacktrax.net

many more ahead, stay tuned!!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

BlackTrax Test & Tune #4 @ Thunderhill - Sign-up Here

Just announced, BlackTrax will be hosting Test and Tune #4, a grip track event on Sunday March 4th. Limited sign-up for maximum track time so sign-up ASAP.

This will be a self tech'd, laid back test and tune day. DOT approved helmets and one tow hook is MANDATORY. 

  • 7am Gates Open
  • 8am Mandatory Driver Meeting
  • 9am Track is HOT!
  • 12-1pm Lunch Break
  • Track Closes 5pm
3 Run Groups rotating at 20 min each throughout the day. 

Photography by Jeremy Forbes: $30 for Hi-Res downloads of your car on the track. 
You can check out his photos of past events:
Buttonwillow 2011
Thunderhill 2010
FormulaD Infineon 2010 

Additional inquires or photographers please contact blacktrax@blacktrax.net for details.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A look inside, Blacktrax Performance.

To those of you that don't know me, my camera is always within reach. Working for Blacktrax these last few months has offered many great photo ops. Here's a small collection of what caught my eye during my stay, enjoy!