Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Flicks from HellaFlush III @ BlackTrax

Thanks to all who supported the Southeast Asian Disaster Relief, Fatlace/HellaFlush and BlackTrax. Over 1500 people attended and this event. Pics are coming but check out some of the vids that were shot.

Here's a nice vid of the crew that came up from LA to attend our event:

300+hp BMW

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Graham Downey's In Car Footage - MUST SEE!

Redstone Motorsport have just released their full in-car video footage from the final Laguna Seca race, compliments of our sponsor RaceKeeper.

By now many of you will have watched the Speed Channel coverage of the final Speed World Challenge Touring Car race from Laguna Seca, California. As always, fantastic coverage from the WCVision group and the SCCA, showing all of the exciting highlights from the race.

Want to see some more in-depth in-car coverage from the mid pack? Want to see the wheel to wheel and bumper to bumper (literally!) racing between Downey, Saini, Thomas, Foss, Curran and Lindsey?

"Watching the in-car footage back, I didn't realize how close the racing was for the 26 laps, and how many position changes their were" said Downey. "This is really exciting, clean wheel to wheel racing, very exciting to watch"

Downey took the hard charger award for the race, his rookie appearance at Speed World Challenge Touring Car, and although a local to Laguna Seca, his first official race at this track. Starting out 13th, Downey worked his way up to 7th towards the end of the race, falling back to 8 with 2 laps to go, with Thomas finally getting back by, and losing out to Saini in the last corner of the last lap to finally finish 9th.

" I'm very happy with 9th, and although I held my own throughout the race, Thomas and Saini had more power on the straights than me, and they finally made their way back through. But, this makes from great video footage" said Downey.

Although there is no matching the fantastic coverage by the WC Vision team, and the exciting race on Speed Channel, the in-car perspective gives the viewer a much closer view of what it's like fighting it out in the pack. There was some great racing from 5th to 11th place throughout the race, and Downey's camera captured the most of it, up close and real. See the bumper rubbing, the tire smoke and lock ups, the dust clouds, and loose moments, as if you were sitting in the passenger seat.

See the latest press release on the Speed World Challenge website http://www.world-challenge.com/news/story.php?ID=1512