Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HC @ THill - What a Weekend, What a Race....Tell me about it!

This weekend, it was our own Mark Dowey's first H2 Honda Challenge race. It was also the first time we revealed our new EG 2.0. Using the input and feedback from the Redstone Motorsport drivers: Liam, Graham and Mark, we built a new and improved EG. This couldn't have been possible with the help of a few key players: Tony @ TC Design, Aki @ BlackTrax and Mark, Graham, Liam, Brent and much more. We'll be posting up pictures soon. In the meantime check out Mark's in car on Sunday piloting the Redstone EG 1.0, Liam Downey's H2 car. Sunday podium finishers was Mike Lock, Graham Downey and Mark Downey 1-2-3.


  1. Tight video! congrats to everyone, great work all around!

  2. at 3:47.. OMG.. Mark you're a beast!