Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BlackTrax + KleenSpeed + UCDavis

Jei hits me up with word that something pretty sick is going down at the shop. I show up to a stock looking miata on the dyno. For reals? I expected something a bit more crazy. Then I gave it a much needed double take. I notice the Kleenspeed Technologies logo and a crew of UCDavis students. I quickly realized there was more to this picture.

Hello 100% Electric Conversion with a 5Speed!

Students from UCDavis + Kleenspeed Technologies + BlackTrax Performance worked hand in hand to capture priceless dyno data. This was the first time that the UCD students had access to raw data of this type. From my outsiders perspective it seems that they gained exactly what they were looking for. I cant disclose exact figures but for what its worth I was highly impressed!  -JForbes

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