Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Words from Matt Field - Vegas Drift Fromula D Round 6 After Dark

Round 6 of the 2011 Formula Drift season brought me to Las Vegas. We got there on Wednesday with enough time to drop the car off at the track and head back to the pool to relax. I really Like the vegas course, its risky and dangerous and a lot of people total their cars here, perfect. Thursday afternoon came along and
we got up, got some food, and headed out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for Thursday practice. Everything went well on thursday, I was getting the car more and more setup throughout the night. Setting tire pressure is important in vegas because of the huge difference in temperature as day turns into night. At the end of the practice day on thursday I was feeling great, the car was setup better than ever and I was ready to qualify.

Friday came around and it was time to qualify. On my first run I just wanted to get a score, at the last few rounds I messed up on the first qualifying run and had to rely on my second run to be enough to get me into the show. This time I laid down a conservative run. Scoring like a 56 or something I knew I had to step it up for the second run. This time I was comfortable throwing down a solid run. I tossed it as hard as I could into the first clipping zone. With a good solid run I received a 85, not what I was hoping for but good enough to qualify 16th. Not too bad.

It was Saturday and time for the main competition. I was going agains Aasbo and feeling confident. The first run I was to lead. Coming out strong I threw a hard entry. I had a great lead run, and I had the advantage going into the second run. As I was following him on the run up to initiation I got a little over aggressive and followed too close after initiation and went into the tires. I had the round won but my over aggressiveness did me in. Next event is Irwindale and I'm going to throw it down hardcore.

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