Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Brandon Kraus Third Win of the Season

Congratulations to Brandon Kraus for his third 1st place finish in US Touring Car Championship. At the last event in June, Brandon grenades his Prelude transmission. Thereafter, he brought his race car back to..

 BlackTrax for a new transmission, track car maintenance and some more dynotuning. All the preparations made for this August event resulted in a 1st place win running a 2:00.479 at Thunderhill. Here are a few comments he made about that race:

"The race was great! We had 3 re-starts due to the BMW cars jumping the starts. We took off and I hit turn 1 in the lead. I went through traffic like no other. At one point I had a 12 second lead. I won by over 7 seconds and was the fastest car on track running a 2:00.479. The BlackTrax Roger Kraus Racing DW Pumps Honda prelude ran better than ever.....Thanks for all your help......BK....

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