Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday the 13th! Play Hookie with Blacktrax @ Buttonwillow Raceway 05.13.11

Just announced today, BlackTrax will be hosting a grip track day on Friday May 13th. Play hookie with BlackTrax and let's go driving! Limited signup for maximum track time so signup ASAP.

This will be a self tech'd, laid back test and tune day. DOT approved helmets and one tow hook is mandatory. Gates open at 7am, mandatory driver meeting at 8am, and out by 5pm.

Track is HOT at 9am! 3 run groups rotating at 20 min each throughout the day. Track closes 5pm.
*Group 1 - for advanced, SCCA or NASA racers
*Group 2 - for intermediate 5+ track days
*Group 3 - for novice 2+ track days (for those interested who have less than 2 days track experience, please contact us at for more information).
*Skidpad also available
*Photography available by Jeremy Forbes  - $20 for hi-res downloads of your car on the track.

Please send $140 per car by check or $145 for Paypal to
Co-drivers $10

List Your Name, Car & Group

Send Checks Payable to:
Blacktrax Performance
1819 Houret Ct.
Milpitas, CA 95035

You're welcome to stop by the shop to register as well. Additional inquires or photographers please contact for details.

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