Monday, February 21, 2011

BlackTrax Raffle Winners @ Wekfest SF 2011

Wekfest 2011 was a great event. Big thanks to Weksos for organizing it. Also thanks to the hundreds of people who stopped by our booth to chat about projects and to join our raffle. Check out the short flick as we pick our winners. Congratulations to all the winners! We'll be in touch with you soon!

REMEMBER: "It don't matter how good your car looks. If it runs like $@%#, you shouldn't be calling it your car. Function precedes form..."


1) Free 1 Hr Dynotune
Ticket# 7758408 
Henry Lazaro

2) Free Baseline Dyno - 3 pulls
Ticket# 7758303 
Andy Nguyen

3) Free BT Shift Knob
Ticket# 7758198 
Earvin Mendoza

4) Free Still Sideways T-shirt
Ticket# 7758662 
Gil Tapia

5) Free BT Lic Plate Cover
Ticket# 7758302 
Son Vo

6) Free BT Flat Bill Cap
Ticket# 7758533 
Paolo Mendoza

7) Free Track Car Ride Along
Ticket# 7758734 
Kyle Leong

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