Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jei Taking the Street Car to the Fun Runs @ Sac Raceway

It's been 2 years since my last drag race. The S2000 has spent almost all of its time at the road courses of Buttonwillow and Thunderhill. With the weather looking dry, and an itch for some heads up racing, I took the Voltex wing off the car and go drag racing at Sacramento Raceway. I would have had to take off the front splitter if I hadn't left it on the infield at T-hill :). The track was cold and slippery. The first run almost put me into the left side wall. The sun came out by 2pm and helped a bit with traction resulting in a 12.97sec @ 109mph, couple tenths short of my personal best. All in all it was nice to drive to the track, race then drive back all while keeping my my tools, camera and extra fluids in the trunk...not bad...It was great to see some old faces. The die hards from the 1990's are still there. It's been so long but I look forward to doing this again, hopefully in March!

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