Saturday, November 15, 2008

Graham Downey Takes 1st at NASA Nationals Honda Challenge H1 @ Mid-Ohio Sport Car Course - Sept. 14, 2008

Congratulations to Graham Downey who took the pole on Saturday and won 1st on Sundays H1 NASA Nationals race. It was definitely worth the 48 non-stop hour trek to Mid-Ohio. Also congratulations to Jonathan Meris who placed a very close 2nd place finish.

"I had a great time at Nationals. I had my most fun race ever with Meris. He raced me clean and gave room when it was needed. Definetly two thumbs up for the brilliant driving by Meris. Congrats to Meris on his awesome finish, racing thru the pack and finishing 2nd! great drive! First I have to thank my parents (Liam & Loyola) for helping me get to Nationals. If it wasnt for them I definetly would'nt have made it to Mid-Ohio. It was so fun spending 9 days with my family on the road and at the track. Even though after 5000 miles of driving I was a little fussy!Huge thanks to my girlfriend Ashly for taking time off work to go with me to Ohio! She was super helpful and a great spotter on the radio. I couldn't have done it without her being there!
I also have to thank the following sponsors,

- Redstone Motors for suppling the car and spares and for allowing me to take 10 days off work!
- Blacktrax Performance - Jei for his tuning, Aki for his welding, Mark for being my crew chief, and Natalie for making all the arrangements to get the guys from CA to Ohio
- Roger Kraus Racing - Big help from Brandon for setting up my car. He always does killer alignments and the corner weights are always dead on! Thanks for mounting and balancing all my tires too!
- Prima Racing - Andrie Hartanto for providing me with driving tips, car set up and race strategies. Great guy and super knowledgeable!
- Epic Images - Thanks to Waldo for making me stickers at the last minute! Thanks to Austin for picking them up for me!
-Thanks to John W. for the shifter box and Edik & Harut Stepanyan for the grease and 10mm nut.

Hope to see everyone in Utah in 2009!"

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